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About Us

Since our founding in 2019, Neuro Pathway Football Club have passionately devoted ourselves to the development of children. Our approach is based on scientific theory that aimed to re-invent the way in which physical education can improve brain functioning. It is with this knowledge, in addition to our enthusiasm and unified vision that we have shaped what NPFC is today.

Soccer Field



Culture: Growth Mindset

We accept that we have more to learn and higher standards to seek. We aim to involve all of our members in the journey towards becoming great.


We have a strategic way of teaching that involves the mechanics of the brain. We aim to stick to this and adopt a long term approach that aims to not only refine motor skills but also, emotional wellbeing and intelligence, injury prevention, self-esteem and intrinsic motivation. 

Passion and Dedication

We believe at NPFC that becoming a member or a coach requires more than just a willingness to deliver sessions and turn up on match days. You have to be passionate about what you do here and go above and beyond the point of call always.



Our Philosophy

Body Percussion & Multi-Tasking

Body percussion simply means using different body parts of your body to make music. We use clapping and our voices in particular to switch us on at the start of our learning journey to help us take in sensory information a lot easier. Multi-tasking practice then helps us to use different parts of our brain at once and means that both hemispheres of our brain will be activated when training. 

Neuro-Point Learning

Neuro-point learning is where we build up collective rhythm so that we can learn easier as a group and more fluently together. We have to move at the same time and perform actions in synchronisation. This helps us to communicate and also to breakdown any differences between us individually. 

Neuro Tech Ball

Neuro tech ball is a secret weapon, we can use the Neuro tech ball together in a group, in pairs or by ourselves. Our Neuro tech ball helps to improve co-ordination, proprioception, single leg balance and timing actions and thoughts. 

Autonomous Learning

Autonomous learning means we can learn for ourselves. Visually we are given guidelines and instructions from the layout of the session which helps us know whether we are performing an action accurately or not. This helps us train under less stress and gives us a better chance of being more focused throughout the session. 

Who Cares?

Who cares is our brand new player mentorship programme supporting our young people on their journey to success. Without these role models, young people do not have anyone to turn to for advice and guidance on their future. In a world where we teach young people to dream big, as society we often fail in helping them to turn these dreams into reality. 


Brain Centred Learning

Our learning is based on over 20 years of research from the University of Leuvern in Belgium. It is adopted by the Belgium FA amongst many top institutes such as; AC Milan, Anderlecht, FC Genk and Sao Paulo. It is not of the pioneering breakthroughs in home education through the launch of ‘Brain Gym’ and implemented within specialists schools such as; Carla Hannaford in Brooklyn, Washington DC and Houston. 

Temporal Processing

- The influences of timing in the brain.

-Co-ordination between the cerebellum and the cognitive areas of the brain.

Seeing Skills

The brain is a visual organ aiming to make learning visual as well as a physical experience. This ensure less stress and more clarity.

Optimization of Learning

Understanding the role and influence of emotions on the process of learning.

Cross Hemisphere Communication

Improving the communication between the left and right hemispheres. 

Myelination of the corpus callosum.   

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