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Head of Phase U5 - U8


Head of Phase U9 - U11


Head of Phase U12 - U14


Neuro Pathway Football Club has an outstanding team of dedicated teachers and instructors, all of whom are determined to help students succeed. Our team members offer support and guidance, uniquely tailored to each student. Take a look at some of their stories below.

Extra Group-1 Shiro Taylor-West-PASS LARGE.jpg



Driven by a strong belief in building well-rounded individuals, my coaching philosophy extends beyond the field. I currently hold a UEFA C license and pursuing a UEFA B license. As a qualified Level 2 Gym instructor and Behaviour mentor, this equips me with a holistic approach to youth development.

For over a decade, I have dedicated my time to empowering young people and families through the power of Football. As founder and head coach of Neuro Pathway FC, I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of athletics, guiding countless youth towards not only athletic success but also valuable life skills.

Extra Group-1 Patrick St Louis-PASS LARGE.jpg


Coaching since 2010, acquiring a UEFA B licence,1st class honours in Sports Science and PE alongside a PGCE in Education; it was only right to couple and hone these skills in a challenging environment where the thought process is incorporated in young peoples development ‘Neuro Pathway’.

Work rate is key, never be afraid to go above and beyond! Even when it isn’t cool or no one is watching, can you do MORE? Not giving up, continuously studying the game (remain a student), staying current to ensure the continual success of young people.

Extra Group-1 Mark Wright-PASS LARGE.jpg



I have been coaching for seven years and am actively working towards completing my UEFA badges. My experience in football has been a privilege to say the least. I have an abundance of knowledge and understanding of what is required to make it in football. As a coach it is my duty to nurture, guide and challenge the players that I have around me.

Work ethic is paramount to me, I believe you can always do more to improve and am dedicated to maximise the potential of talent in young people. Encouraging my players to never worry about people on the outside or even compare themselves to the person sitting next to them. This is a YOU vs YOU battle! Whether it’s the preparation of the mind and body or understanding the game, you need to continually get better.

Extra Group-1 Ahmed Alhad-PASS LARGE.jpg



I graduated in Mathematics with first-class honors, earning the amima title as a maths scholar during my PGCE. Outside of my studies, football is all I’ve EVER known! Having gained extensive experience over the years, I’ve played at various levels, starting from grassroots and progressing through district, county, to semi-professional. Although my playing career was curtailed by injuries, my passion for football fast-tracked me into coaching.

I’m dedicated to continuous self-improvement and development. Driven by a strong desire to excel and win, I aim to instill the same motivation in players. My goal is to develop them into the best versions of themselves, fostering an environment where they can freely express their abilities. I expect high energy, effort and a never-give-up attitude from every player.

Extra Group-1 Evans Duah-PASS LARGE.jpg



My coaching journey began in 2009, as a volunteer at secondary school Brampton Manor. Passionate about sharing my playing experience and knowledge, the love of the game urged me to take on coaching courses in college while also playing for Lewisham academy, linked to Charlton FC. This is where I received my level 1 coaching badge before setting off to study a Sports Coaching degree at Leeds Beckett University.

There is no such thing as the perfect club, Neuro Pathway FC is just the right club. It fits with my belief as a person wanting to become a role model to young people, giving the opportunities that I never had to others.

Extra Group-1 Errol Daniel-PASS LARGE.jpg



I have been coaching for 20+ years with an array of experience, completing my Level 1 and 2 in Football Coaching. I've worked with various clubs throughout London, including Arsenal in the Community. During my coaching journey, I became a head coach, where my job was to help coaches and players understand the club philosophy and spear head player development.

I like to see good discipline, hard work and an understanding of club philosophy. This is crucial for players to learn from the coaches and take those positive experiences into the world.

Extra Group-1 Fejiro Marino-PASS LARGE.jpg



Passionate about fostering both athletic, psychological and personal development in young players, I am committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment for every player at Neuro Pathway FC. My coaching philosophy centres around teamwork, development and the need to continuously be challenged in various environments.

With six years coaching experience at various levels, I bring a wealth of knowledge to guide our young talents. I ensure that our training sessions are not only enjoyable but also based on the latest coaching methodologies and our unique coaching.

Extra Group-1 Jervis Tasinda-PASS LARGE.jpg



Starting my coaching journey in 2011 was an individual pursuit to improve through football. Achieving my UEFA C Licence developed how I see the game, helping me uncover the hidden potential in each player. Now, the field becomes a stage where their unique quirks and personal style craft a memorable image of talent and brilliance, making every moment special with their individual shine through teamwork.

I strive to become a better learner to understand things more easily. It turns challenges into opportunities, helps me navigate through life and lets me build a better version to give back to the community.

Extra Group-1 Michael Johnson-PASS LARGE.jpg



I joined the club in 2023 after being impressed by the NPFC professionalism, organisation and set up.

I'm a passionate coach bringing years of experience from playing and coaching into the Neuro set up. I'm committed to developing young players!

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. My goal is to create a long lasting impact to inspire players to strive for excellence.

Extra Group-1 Parashkev Mitev-PASS LARGE.jpg



I’ve coached grassroots football in London for two years. Prior to coaching, I spent half of my life as an academy player with Lokomotiv Plovdiv. I have completed a bachelor’s degree in Global Business and Management and I am currently pursuing a Master’s in International Sports Management.

My primary aim is to develop young talents in their football journey. Whilst winning matters, I prioritise developing players to excel on the field. Fostering their confidence and skills is what I believe leads to long-term success.

I focus on mastering the basics to win matches and build intelligent players. That’s why I emphasise playing out from the back and involving every player in our attack. Consistently getting the basics right is how we shape future intelligent players for the game of football.

Extra Group-1 Lennox Nelson-PASS LARGE.jpg



I have been actively engaged in coaching for two years, currently holding an FA Level 1 coaching badge. My aspiration is to acquire additional badges as I progress further in my coaching journey.

In my role as a football coach, my primary objective is to foster the development of players’ football abilities. Equally important is my commitment to instilling essential life skills including confidence, discipline and team bonding.

Extra Group-1 Reuben Taylor-West-PASS LARGE.jpg



I have been coaching for six years. I am a FA Level 2 licensed coach with aspirations of acquiring a UEFA B license in the near future. I am a current England Cerebral Palsy Footballer, achieving two International Caps and a Gold Medal in the Youth Paralympic Games in 2017.

I am honored to be presented with a role where I am able to share my knowledge and experience of the game to future generations. My goal is to  help prepare, teach and enhance the skills and qualities needed for the high demands of the game, where a superior thought process is incorporated in young people's ‘Neuro Pathway’ development.

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